Walt Linder


Walt has been in the Power Equipment and Engine Distribution for 39 years. He has been through almost all phases of this business, having worked with many departments parts, service, warranty and warehousing.

"I found my favorite area to be Sales/Marketing. Having worked with some of my Rental Friends for over 35 years is a true blessing, having the luxury of seeing 2nd generations having success is another. Being in the business this long has been spirited by some recognizable names within the industry, Al Meyer (Teledyne Total Power), Barney Briggs (Great Northern Equipment) to name a couple who have greatly influenced me and I feel the need to credit their guidance as well."

Blessed with three wonderful children (oldest is my Son and two girls all two years apart). They are now raising their families with strong independence, conservative values that will one day prove to be a part of their success stories.

My wife of 34 years has been another source of strength and enrichment, that has been at the backbone of my endurance.

Fishing, walking, fabricating things in my garage and being outdoors is a must for me. 

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